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Organization: Casa Cornelia Law Center


Organization Description: Casa Cornelia is a public interest law firm whose mission is to provide quality pro bono legal services to victims of human and civil rights violations, and to educate others regarding the impact of immigration law and policy on the community.


Project Supported: Asylum Expansion Project- to provide enhanced legal services to those individuals who have fled their home countries to seek refuge in the United States.


Augustinian Endorser: Fr. John Keller, OSA


Grant Award: $54,250

Organization: Holy Cross Church, Chingchuan, Taiwan


Organization Description: Jesuit Mission located in the mountains of Taiwan that ministers to the Atayal Aboriginal group, one of Taiwan’s poorest indigenous tribes.


Project Supported: Cultural Street, Chingchuan Old Street Home Renovations- To create a Cultural Street by transforming homes lining Chingchuan village’s main street into homes that are culturally significant to the Atayal tribal villagers.


Augustinian Endorser: Fr. Harry Neely, OSA


Grant Award: $25,000

Organization: Karen Organization of San Diego


Organization Description: The Karen Organization is committed to the educational and social enhancement of various ethnic minority groups from Burma; to be a bridge between refugees and the local community.


Project Supported: New Van- Purchase of a new van to support the organization’s Self-Sufficiency and Community Building programs.


Augustinian Endorser: Br. Carlos Medina, OSA


Grant Award: $42,250

Organization: Province of St. Augustine- Kiva Fund


Project Supported: Kiva Fund- To provide microloans through the website Kiva to people in the developing world where Augustinians serve.


Augustinian Endorser: Br. Max Villeneuve, OSA


Grant Award: $1,000

Organization: St. Anthony Foundation


Organization Description: The Foundation provides essential services in food, clothing, shelter, healthcare, counseling, and training to those living in poverty in the San Francisco area.


Project Supported: Jobs Skills Training for Alcoholics and Addicts in Recovery- project will expand the job coaching and job placement functions of St. Anthony’s job skills training program.


Augustinian Endorser: Fr. Tom Whelan, OSA


Grant Award: $60,000

Organization: St. Augustine High School

Organization Description: Augustinian high school whose mission is “to provide a Catholic liberal arts education for young men in an environment that promotes the development of mind, heart, and body in the Augustinian tradition”.


Project Supported: Library Re-orientation- To enhance the audio/visual aspects of the Fr. John Aherne Library for the many events/presentations hosted in the library.


Augustinian Endorser: Fr. Kirk Davis, OSA


Grant Award: $19,100

Organization: St. Patrick's School


Organization Description: Augustinian elementary school serving a diverse socio-economic community.


Project Supported: Technology Upgrade- To improve, expand, and enhance the use of technology in the classroom by providing additional equipment and training.


Augustinian Endorser: Fr. Mike McFadden, OSA


Grant Award: $25,000

Organization: Villanova Preparatory School


Organization Description: Augustinian high school whose mission is “to graduate mature young adults of diverse background who reflect the qualities of truth, unity, and love”.


Project Supported: International Baccalaureate Launch- To assist in the acceleration of the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme to be offered at Villanova Prep.


Augustinian Endorser: Fr. John Keller, OSA


Grant Award: $24,796

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