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TSAF- Advancing Students Forward- 2020.J

Advancing Students Forward (ASF)

Organization Description: The mission of ASF is to provide disadvantaged Mexican students (principally located in Tijuana, BC) with access to education, and academic and emotional support in order to create a promising future for themselves and the community in which they live. 


Project Supported: A Computer is their Key to the Classroom - Purchase of computers to assist ASF’s students in the continuation of their education, off-line, driven by the restrictions of COVID-19.


Augustinian Endorser: Fr. John Keller, O.S.A.


Grant Award: $20,000

TSAF- American Indian Catholic Schools N

American Indian Catholic Schools Network (“AICSN”)

Organization Description: Established in 2013, AICSN is a program of the Alliance for Catholic Education at the University of Notre Dame. It includes seven Catholic Indian Mission schools serving Native American populations throughout the United States.


Project Supported: Holy Cross College- Teacher Collaborative- Support of tuition and academic fees for Native American teachers participating in Holy Cross College’s bachelor degree program in education.


Augustinian Endorser: Br. James White, O.S.A.


Grant Award: $7,000

TSAF- Catholic Charities- 2019.jpg

Catholic Charities, Diocese of San Diego

Organization Description: The role of Catholic Charities, San Diego Diocese throughout the years has been to provide social welfare programs, witness to the scriptural values of mercy and justice, and advocate for the poor and vulnerable of the Diocese.


Project Supported: Emergency Food Distribution Network - Supplement Catholic Charities’ Food Distribution Network which was established as a result of the economic disruption caused by COVID-19, particularly among the most vulnerable in San Diego and Imperial Counties.


Augustinian Endorser: Fr. John Keller, O.S.A.


Grant Award: $50,000

TSAF- FAM- Augustinians in Venezuela- 20

Fondazione Agostiniani nel Mondo on behalf of the Augustinians in Venezuela

Organization Description: The Augustinian Friars have been working with the “poorest of the poor” in Venezuela for 67 years. They have 4 schools in the country offering quality education for over 7,700 students from first grade to high school. 


Project Supported: Getting Along with COVID-19 - Grant used for two specific purposes: the purchase of sanitation equipment to assist in the safe reopening of the Augustinian schools under the constraints imposed by COVID-19; and support for a pre-primary education program.


Augustinian Endorser: Fr. Joe Farrell, O.S.A.


Grant Award: $73,430

TSAF- Fr. Joe's Villages- 2020.jpg

Fr. Joe’s Villages

Organization Description: Fr. Joe’s is one of Southern California’s largest homeless services providers whose mission is to prevent and end homelessness “one life at a time” and “to awaken the human spirit.” Inspired by the legacy of St. Vincent de Paul, the “Great Apostle of Charity.”


Project Supported: Family Living Center - Used for salary and benefits assistance of a Case Manager for the Family Living Center that provides safe shelter and supportive services to “help families embark on a tailored plan to achieve self-sufficiency.”


Augustinian Endorser: Fr. Max Villeneuve, O.S.A.


Grant Award: $27,315

TSAF- Fundacion Universitaria Cervantes-

Fundacion Universitaria Cervantes- San Agustin

Organization Description: UNICERVANTES is the unique University of the Order of St. Augustine in Latin America aimed at low-income students.  Located on the outskirts of Bogota, the University was founded 10 years ago by the Province of Our Lady of Grace of Columbia and, currently, offers 8 undergraduate programs.


Project Supported: COVID-19 Crisis - Amazon Students- Specifically oriented to those students attending a branch of UNICERVANTES in the Columbian Amazon (Mocoa-Putumayo) that have undergone financial distress as a result of COVID-19. Funds will be used for the purchase of computers to assist in on-line learning and for Tuition Assistance.


Augustinian Endorser: Fr. Joe Farrrell, O.S.A.


Grant Award: $100,000

TSAF- Mercy Beyond Borders- 2020.jpg

Mercy Beyond Borders

Organization Description: Mercy Beyond Borders was founded in 2008 to “forge ways for women and girls in extreme poverty to learn, connect, and lead” in countries such as South Sudan, Uganda, Haiti, and Kenya.


Project Supported: Future Women Leaders in Malawi - Support of various initiatives undertaken at St. Mary’s Secondary School in Karonga for the development of the students’ leadership skills and academic capabilities.


Augustinian Endorser: Fr. Greg Heidenblut, O.S.A.


Grant Award: $20,000

TSAF- Mission of Our Lady of the Angels-

Mission of Our Lady of the Angels

Organization Description: Founded in 2005, the Mission of Our Lady of the Angels was established to provide a Catholic presence and to care for the poor on the Westside of Chicago.  The Mission provides “material and spiritual support for those most in need.”


Project Supported: COVID-19 Sanitation Plan Implementation - Used in the preparation of the Mission’s facilities to meet the sanitation requirements brought about by COVID-19, particularly in those areas housing the Food Pantry, currently serving more than 2,000 families.


Augustinian Endorser: Fr. Max Villeneuve, O.S.A.


Grant Award: $16,692

TSAF- Mount Tabor Center- 2020-A.jpg

Mount Tabor Center, Inc.

Organization Description: Nonprofit organization founded in 1999 that is committed to the mission of inspiring young Catholics to spread the Gospel and to be lifelong missionary disciples and leaders.


Project Supported: SPIRITUS - To provide  support for one youth missionary for a year as he/she spreads the good word of the Gospel through retreats and internships throughout the state of Wisconsin.


Augustinian Endorser: Br. Spencer Thomas, O.S.A.


Grant Award: $15,000

TSAF- Our Mother of Good Counsel- 2020 D

Our Mother of Good Counsel School

Organization Description: An Augustinian co-educational elementary school in Los Angeles, founded in 1933, offering classes from Transitional Kindergarten through 8th grade with a strong emphasis on Christian and Augustinian values


Project Supported: Tuition Assistance - Tuition Assistance for those students of Our Mother of Good Counsel school whose families have been economically affected by COVID-19


Augustinian Endorser: Fr. Alvin Paligutan, O.S.A.


Grant Award: $20,000

TSAF- Advancing Students Forward- 2020.J

Prison Contemplative Fellowship

Organization Description: Prison Contemplative Fellowship, started in 2007 at Folsom Prison, is a community of prisoners, former prisoners, families, and volunteers who practice a form of Christian silent meditation called Centering Prayer that produces a positive transformative impact on the participants.


Project Supported: Toxic Shame and Contemplative Prayer:  From Hiding to Healing - For the production of a video “Toxic Shame and Contemplative Prayer” to be distributed to inmates in prisons across the nation that are participants in Centering Prayer, a proven tool for dealing with the dehumanizing impact of prison life.


Augustinian Endorser: Fr. Martin Laird, O.S.A.


Grant Award: $27,800

TSAF- Rise Up Industries- 2020.jpg

Rise Up Industries (“RUI”)

Organization Description: Faith based nonprofit corporation focused on building partnerships for providing comprehensive gang prevention, gang intervention, and post-detention reentry services. A member of the Global Homeboy Network, it has modeled it Reentry Program after Homeboy Industries. 


Project Supported: Purchase of CNC Lathe - Provides for the purchase of a Haas CNC Lathe to take advantage of increased business opportunities, and, also, in support of RUI’s Reentry Training Program.


Augustinian Endorser: Fr. Gary Sanders, O.S.A., Prior Provincial


Grant Award: $55,000

TSAF- Siloam- 2020.webp

Siloam Wellness

Organization Description: Siloam Wellness, since 1995, has been providing programs, services, and support to an aging, low-income HIV/AIDS population in the Philadelphia area.


Project Supported: Food Pantry - To help offset the increased costs of operating Siloam’s Food Pantry program exacerbated by the issues of COVID-19. 


Augustinian Endorser: Br. Bob Thornton, O.S.A.


Grant Award: $5,000

TSAF- St. Luke's Episcopal Church- 2020.

St. Luke’s Episcopal Church

Organization Description: St. Luke’s is a Christian community serving the needs of the North Park neighborhood of San Diego since 1923 that has forged a mutually beneficial partnership with the Augustinian parish of St. Patrick’s. St Luke’s strives to be a place “where all people can enter into uncomfortable and brave spaces with others different than themselves . . .  and find their perspectives and hearts transformed.”


Project Supported: Emergency Economic Response Project - Support for a Case Worker to assist those parishioners, principally from the refugee communities of Sudan and the Congo, that have been adversely impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.


Augustinian Endorser: Fr. Carlos Medina, O.S.A.


Grant Award: $15,000

TSAF- St. John Paul II- Catholic Radio-

St. John Paul II Catholic Radio (“JP2”)

Organization Description: St. John Paull II Catholic Radio’s mission is to “transform the lives of the Imperial Valley Community of California by providing quality Catholic radio programming and social media content centered on Jesus Christ.”


Project Supported: Recording Studio Equipment Upgrade - Financial assistance for the upgrading of broadcast equipment and infrastructure improvements to JP2’s radio studio.


Augustinian Endorser: Fr. John Grace, O.S.A.


Grant Award: $10,000

TSAF- St. Michael Indian School- 2020 (2

St. Michael Indian School

Organization Description: St. Michael’s is a primary and secondary school founded by St. Katharine Drexel in 1902 to serve the Native American population in the Navajo Nation.


Project Supported: Forming and Sustaining Catholic Identity through Religious Education and Campus Ministry - Grant used for the purchase of workbooks, textbooks, bibles, and other resource materials in support of St. Michael’s mission to “provide students with a quality Catholic education while being sensitive to Native heritage.” 


Augustinian Endorser: Br. James White, O.S.A.


Grant Award: $20,000


St. Patrick Parish Community

Organization Description: Augustinian parish in the North Park Community of San Diego since 1921 whose mission is to “praise the Holy Trinity, to care for our community, and to grow in faith and unity.”


Project Supported: Food Pantry - For the establishment of a Food Pantry for those members of St. Pat’s parish community adversely affected by the financial constraints caused by COVID-19.


Augustinian Endorser: Fr. Carlos Medina, O.S.A.


Grant Award: $20,000

TSAF- Advancing Students Forward- 2020.J

St. Thomas Aquinas Parish

Organization Description: Augustinian parish in Ojai, California since 1926 whose mission is to “live the Gospel life in prayer, sacrament, liturgy, teaching, evangelization and stewardship in the Catholic tradition.”


Project Supported: Financial Assistance for Parishioners - To support those parish members experiencing financial hardships caused by the COVID pandemic.


Augustinian Endorser: Fr. Kirk Davis, O.S.A.


Grant Award: $20,000

TSAF- St. Vincent de Paul, OR- 2020.JPG

St. Vincent de Paul- Rogue Valley, OR

Organization Description: The Rogue Valley District Council of St. Vincent de Paul was established in 1982 to provide compassionate care and support to the needy in Jackson County, OR.


Project Supported: COVID-19 Relief - Grant used to offset the loss of revenues from the closure of St. Vincent’s Thrift Store caused by  COVID-19 that support the Rent and Utility Assistance Programs, along with the Housing Program.


Augustinian Endorser: Fr. Jim Clifford, O.S.A.


Grant Award: $50,000

Screen Shot 2021-01-28 at 9.33.32 PM.png

Villanova Preparatory School

Organization Description: Augustinian high school established in 1924 in the Ojai Valley of California which today is the only coeducational Catholic college preparatory and International Baccalaureate World school in the western United States. Its mission is “to graduate mature young adults of diverse backgrounds who reflect the qualities of truth, unity, and love”.


Project Supported: Continue the Mission - Financial Assistance- Used to provide supplemental economic assistance to those Villanova Prep families that have experienced financial loss due to the ravages of COVID-19.


Augustinian Endorser: Fr. John Keller, O.S.A.


Grant Award: $75,000

TSAF- Villanova University- 2020.png

Villanova University

Organization Description: Villanova University, founded in 1842, is the only Augustinian Catholic University in the United States. It is committed to “excellence and distinction in the discovery, dissemination, and application of knowledge” buttressed by the Augustinian values of Veritas, Unitas, Caritas.


Project Supported: Villanova Interdisciplinary Immigration Studies Training for Advocates (VIISTA) - VIISTA is the first university-based, online certificate program to train non-lawyers on how to effectively advocate for and represent immigrants in the United States legal system. The grant provides funding for 30 scholarships and is specifically targeted for Southern California.


Augustinian Endorser: Fr. Michael DiGregorio, O.S.A., Fr. John Deegan, O.S.A.


Grant Award: $112,854 over 3 years

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