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Organization: Advancing Students Forward

Organization Description: The mission of Advancing Students Forward is to provide disadvantaged Mexican students (principally located in Tijuana, BC) a pathway to higher education with the appropriate academic support.


Project Supported:  Sustained Success via Increased Support- Program tailored to help mentor, prepare, and support the needs of high school and university students as they pursue their educational ambitions.

Augustinian Endorser: Fr. Mike McFadden, O.S.A.


Grant Award: $25,000

Organization: Augustinian Centre for Advocacy, Justice, and Peace 


Organization Description: Organization founded by the Province of St. Augustine in Nigeria in 2005 to promote justice, peace, social development and the protection of human rights, especially among the most vulnerable.  Located in Maiduguri Borno State of Nigeria.


Project Supported: Augustinian Vocational and Technical Institute (“AVTI”)- Program expansion of AVTI as a means of providing “self-employment and livelihood enhancement”  for the displaced persons of North East Nigeria by  providing vocational and entrepreneurial skills training.

Augustinian Endorser: Fr. Joe Farrell, O.S.A. Vicar General


Grant Award: $32,000

Organization: Augustinian Vicariate San Juan de Sahagun de Chulucanas


Organization Description: Augustinian mission in Peru begun in 1964 by the Midwest Augustinians (Chicago Province),  and assisted throughout the years by the Provinces of California and Villanova.


Project Supported: Construction of Colegio San Agustin de Trujillo- Completion of a primary and secondary school located in Trujillo, Peru with a target enrollment of 750 students.

Augustinian Endorser: Fr. Anthony Pizzo, O.S.A.


Grant Award: $100,000

Organization: Augustinian Volunteers

Organization Description: A ministry of the Province of St. Thomas of Villanova, the Augustinian Volunteers are recent college graduates who spend a year in service (social service, campus ministry, and education) in communities throughout the world emulating a life inspired by the Augustinian Friars.

Project Supported: Fueling the Future- Purchase of a van to assist the Augustinian Volunteers in San Diego, CA in their missions to serve the needs of St. Augustine High School, St. Patrick School, and Fr. Joe’s Villages.

Augustinian Endorser: Fr. Frank Doyle, O.S.A.


Grant Award: $30,000

Organization: Catholic Charities, Diocese of San Diego

Organization Description: The role of Catholic Charities, San Diego Diocese throughout the years has been to provide social welfare programs, witness to the scriptural values of mercy and justice, and advocate for the poor and vulnerable of the Diocese.

Project Supported: Immigrant Services-Program to provide increased pro bono legal representation for Migrants seeking advice and assistance with a wide range of immigrant services such as asylum applications, consular processing, naturalization and citizenship.

Augustinian Endorser: Fr. John Keller, O.S.A.

Grant Award: $20,000

Organization: Fondazione Agostiniani nel Mondo on behalf of “Moassasat El Amel” of Caritas Algerie and the Augustinian Missionary Sisters

Organization Description: Augustinian organizations, located in the ancestral home of St. Augustine in Algeria, dedicated to the development of a “cultural bridge” between the Catholic and Islamic worlds.

Project Supported: Algerian Youth are the Future- Support the establishment of “listening centers” managed by professionals, local associations, and volunteers to help combat a rising suicide rate among Algerian youths tied to high unemployment rates among that sector.

Augustinian Endorser: Fr. Joe Farrell, O.S.A. Vicar General


Grant Award: $42,000

Organization: Fondazione Agostiniani nel Mondo on behalf of the Delegation of the Augustinians in the Congo RD

Organization Description: The Delegation of the Augustinians in the Congo RD have been providing educational and pastoral care in the Democratic Republic of the Congo since 1967.

Project SupportedJUVENAT Center- Development of a youth center to provide rehabilitation services for child soldiers caught up in the various sectarian wars in the Congo- as a means to reintroduce them as meaningful members of society.

Augustinian Endorser: Fr. Alejandro Moral Anton, O.S.A. Prior General

Grant Award: $105,000

Organization: Fr. Joe’s Villages

Organization Description: Fr. Joe’s is one of Southern California’s largest homeless services providers whose mission is to prevent and end homelessness “one life at a time” and “to awaken the human spirit.”

Project Supported: Chaplaincy and Volunteer Services Enhancement- Support for improvements to Fr. Joe’s Chaplaincy and Volunteer Services initiatives which are central to the effective support of Fr. Joe’s diverse client base.

Augustinian Endorser: Fr. Kirk Davis, O.S.A.

Grant Award: $38,000

Organization: Fundacion Universitaria Cervantes- San Agustin

Organization Description: UNICERVANTES is the unique University of the Order of St. Augustine in Latin America aimed at low-income students.  Located on the outskirts of Bogota, the University was founded 10 years ago by the Province of Our Lady of Grace of Columbia and, currently, offers 8 undergraduate programs.

Project Supported: Sports Facilities for Low Income Students - Support for the construction of several sports facilities including 10 professional soccer fields. Facilities will be used not only for the benefit of the students, but also the greater community.

Augustinian Endorser: Fr. Alvin Paligutan, O.S.A.

Grant Award: $50,000

Organization: Hogar Infantil, Inc.

Organization Description: Casa Hogar la Gloria is an orphanage located in Tijuana, Mexico adopted and run by the Province of St. Augustine in California since 1975.  It serves as the full time home for 30+ children placed by the Mexican Government Social Services Agency.

Project Supported: HVAC Unit for the Nursery- Purchase and installation of a new heating and air conditioning unit for the children’s nursery at Hogar la Gloria.

Augustinian Endorser: Br. Bobby Baiocco, O.S.A.

Grant Award: $7,500

Organization: Life Choice Pregnancy Clinic of Ojai, CA

Organization Description: Begun in 1980 to provide a 24 hour crisis pregnancy help-line that has evolved into a Primary Care Clinic that serves the needy and underserved.

Project Supported: Pugnabimus ad Infinitum- Purchase of additional equipment to enhance the capabilities of Life Choice’s 3D/4D ultrasound machine which helps to promote their mission of “promoting the innate value of each human life.”

Augustinian Endorser: Deacon Barnaby Johns, O.S.A.

Grant Award: $12,500

Organization: Mission of Our Lady of the Angels

Organization Description: Founded in 2005, the Mission of Our Lady of the Angels was established to provide a Catholic presence and to care for the poor on the Westside of Chicago.  The Mission provides “material and spiritual support for those most in need.”

Project Supported: Heating System Replacement- To provide assistance for a new heating system in the Mission’s new outreach center in West Humboldt Park, one of the neediest areas in Chicago.

Augustinian Endorser: Fr. Max Villeneuve, O.S.A.

Grant Award: $10,000

Organization: Modern Catholic Pilgrim

Organization Description: Modern Catholic Pilgrim aims to provide prepared pilgrimages in the United States, especially for young adults to participate in and to benefit from such a spiritual journey.


Project Supported: Pilgrimage to the Shrine of St. Rita of Cascia- To provide financial support for the pilgrimage from the Augustinian parish of St. Nicholas of Tolentine in New York City to the Shrine of St. Rita of Cascia in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Augustinian Endorser: Fr. Adnan Ghani, O.S.A.

Grant Award: $5,000

Organization: Mount Tabor Center, Inc.

Organization Description: Nonprofit organization founded in 1999 that is committed to the mission of inspiring young Catholics to spread the Gospel and to be lifelong missionary disciples and leaders.


Project Supported: SPIRITUS- To provide  support for one youth missionary for a year as he/she spreads the good word of the Gospel through retreats and internships throughout the state of Wisconsin.

Augustinian Endorser: Br. Spencer Thomas, O.S.A.

Grant Award: $15,000

Organization: Old St. Augustine Roman Catholic Church

Organization Description: Augustinian parish in Philadelphia, PA  that began in 1796 as the first foundation of the Augustinians in the United States- very significant historically for the Order of St. Augustine.


Project Supported: Church Pews and Kneeler Restoration- Continuation of the project (funded in both 2018 and 2019 by TSAF) to help in the restoration of Old St. Augustine Church which was “rebuilt” in 1847 after a devastating fire.  Needs have included improvements to the church steeple along with the restoration of priceless paintings and murals.  

Augustinian Endorser: Fr. Michael DiGregorio, O.S.A., Prior Provincial

Grant Award: $50,000

Organization: Partnership for the Advancement of New Americans on behalf of the Western Service Workers Association (“WSWA")

Organization Description: WSWA is a free and voluntary self-help association established in San Diego county in 1977 by and for San Diego’s working poor.


Project Supported: Benefit Program Expansion and Office Central Landscape Project- To help in the transformation of the WSWA’s “Back Yard” into a pleasant venue for organizational events and membership meetings.

Augustinian Endorser: Fr. Mike McFadden, O.S.A.

Grant Award: $25,000

Organization: Rise Up Industries (“RUI”)

Organization Description: Faith based nonprofit corporation focused on building partnerships for providing comprehensive gang prevention, gang intervention, and post-detention reentry services. A member of the Global Homeboy Network, it has modeled its Reentry Program after Homeboy Industries.


Project Supported: Machine Shop Social Enterprise Quality Control Program- Provides for the purchase of a Coordinate Measuring Machine which allows RUI to become ISO (“International Organization for Standardization”) compliant by creating a Quality Control program which enhances its very successful Computer Numerical Control training program, and allows for the expansion of its current customer base. 

Augustinian Endorser: Fr. Gary Sanders, O.S.A., Prior Provincial

Grant Award: $55,000

Organization: St. Luke’s Episcopal Church

Organization Description: St. Luke’s is a Christian community serving the needs of the North Park neighborhood of San Diego since 1923 that has forged a mutually beneficial partnership with the Augustinian parish of St. Patrick’s.


Project Supported: Job Development Program- Continuation of the efforts of St. Luke’s to transform the North Park Community by providing job counseling, training, and placement to recently arrived immigrants, specifically for their Sudanese and Congolese refugee parishioners. 

Augustinian Endorser: Fr. Carlos Medina, O.S.A.

Grant Award: $15,000

Organization: St. Patrick School

Organization Description: Augustinian elementary school in San Diego California serving a vibrant, diverse socio-economic community. St. Pat’s has been a fixture in the North Park community of San Diego since 1944.


Project Supported: Bridge Loan- To provide a financial underpinning for St. Pat’s as it embarks on a restructured operating model to ensure its long-term viability providing “quality Catholic education for future generations."

Augustinian Endorser: Fr. Carlos Medina, O.S.A.

Grant Award: $450,000 over 3 years

Organization: Villanova Preparatory School

Organization Description: Augustinian high school established in 1924 in the Ojai Valley of California whose mission is “to graduate mature young adults of diverse backgrounds who reflect the qualities of truth, unity, and love”.

Project Supported: Big Macs and Wired at Villanova- To support the relocation and upgrading of Villanova’s existing Fiber  LAN (“Local Area Network”) system and connections. 

Augustinian Endorser: Dea. Barnaby Johns, O.S.A.

Grant Award: $61,000

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