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21TSAF- Advancing Students Forward- 2021.jpg

Advancing Students Forward ("ASF")

Organization Description: The mission of ASF is to provide disadvantaged Mexican students (principally located in Tijuana, BC) with access to education, and academic and emotional support in order to create a promising future for themselves and the community in which they live. 


Project Supported: ASF Upcycle: Reshaping Community through Education and Innovation in Waste Reuse- An ambitious program, in collaboration with the University of San Diego that seeks to “upcycle” waste into new materials that can be used to make useful, quality products for the benefit of the Tijuana community.


Augustinian Endorser: Fr. John Keller, O.S.A.


Grant Award: $150,000 over 3 years

21TSAF- American Indian Catholic Schools Network- 2021.jpg

American Indian Catholic Schools Network (“AICSN”)

Organization Description: Established in 2013, AICSN is a program of the Alliance for Catholic Education at the University of Notre Dame. It includes seven Catholic Indian Mission schools serving Native American populations throughout the United States.


Project Supported: Holy Cross Fellow Program- Support of tuition and academic fees for Native American teachers participating in Holy Cross College’s bachelor degree program in education. The intent is to strengthen Native voices in the classroom and to build a foundation for the long-term success of Catholic mission schools.


Augustinian Endorser: Fr. Adnan Ghani, O.S.A.


Grant Award: $12,000

21TSAF- Augustinian Days in Carthage- 2021.jpg

Augustinian Educational Values 

Organization Description: Interfaith, intercultural, Augustinian conference by which the advancement of St. Augustine and his teachings provide a bridge over which religious and educational leaders from around the world can meet for dialogue and reflection.


Project Supported: Augustinian Days in Carthage- Conference in Tunisia which provided an opportunity for scholars in the thought and legacy of St. Augustine to gather in Carthage, where Augustine himself studied, and later taught, and to discuss his relevance for 21st century challenges. It was also an occasion for interfaith dialogue, as St. Augustine provides a “bridge” for Christians and Muslims to come together in mutual respect and understanding.


Augustinian Endorser: Fr. John Keller, O.S.A.


Grant Award: $15,000

21TSAF- Catholic Charities- 2021.jpg

Catholic Charities, Diocese of San Diego

Organization Description: The role of Catholic Charities, San Diego Diocese throughout the years has been to provide social welfare programs, witness to the scriptural values of mercy and justice, and advocate for the poor and vulnerable of the Diocese.


Project Supported:  Emergency Food Distribution Network Plus- Supplement Catholic Charities’ Food Distribution Network which was established as a result of the economic disruption caused by COVID-19, particularly among the most vulnerable in San Diego and Imperial Counties. Program has been expanded to include “social services” at the various parish distribution points.

Augustinian Endorser: Fr. John Keller, O.S.A.


Grant Award: $50,000

21TSAF- Cristo Rey- 2021.jpg

Cristo Rey San Diego High School

Organization Description: Cristo Rey is a non-profit, private Catholic School that provides a college-preparatory education and unique work-study program to underserved and under-resourced students. Their mission is to educate young people of limited economic means to become men and women of faith, purpose, and service.


Project Supported: Sports Court- Support for the building of an athletic facility for the accommodation of various sporting events and community activities.


Augustinian Endorser: Fr. John Keller, O.S.A.


Grant Award: $20,000

21TSAF- Episcopal Refugee Network- 2021.jpg

Episcopal Refugee Network of San Diego

Organization Description: The Episcopal Refugee Network of San Diego equips San Diego’s refugee families to become self-reliant, engaged, and contributing citizens. In existence since the 1990’s, this far-reaching ministry currently assists refugees from Sudan, South Sudan, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Myanmar, Afghanistan, and Iraq.

Project Supported: Mama Africa Catering Launch - A nonprofit social enterprise that seeks to provide supplemental income to an initial cohort of refugee women who prepare and provide native foods to subscribers.​

Augustinian Endorser: Fr. Carlos Medina, O.S.A.


Grant Award: $10,000

21TSAF- Fr. Joe's Villages- 2021A.jPG

Fr. Joe’s Villages

Organization Description: Fr. Joe’s is one of Southern California’s largest homeless services providers whose mission is to prevent and end homelessness “one life at a time” and “to awaken the human spirit.” Inspired by the legacy of St. Vincent de Paul, the “Great Apostle of Charity.”


Project Supported: Employment and Education Services- Aims to help neighbors experiencing homelessness to expand their professional and job skills to help them resolve their period of homelessness. Among the courses offered are certification and training programs for such diverse activities as plumbing, welding, carpentry, home care and security.


Augustinian Endorser: Fr. Max Villeneuve, O.S.A.


Grant Award: $27,000

21TSAF- Fundacion Universitaria Cervantes- 2021.jpg

Fundacion Universitaria Cervantes- San Agustin

Organization Description: UNICERVANTES is the unique University of the Order of St. Augustine in Latin America aimed at low-income students.  Located on the outskirts of Bogota, the University was founded 11 years ago by the Province of Our Lady of Grace of Columbia and, currently, offers 8 undergraduate programs.


Project Supported: COVID-19 Crisis- Amazon Students- Second year of this program specifically oriented to those students attending a branch of UNICERVANTES in the Columbian Amazon (Mocoa-Putumayo) that have undergone financial distress as a result of COVID-19. Funds will be used for Tuition Assistance.


Augustinian Endorser: Fr. Joe Farrell, O.S.A.


Grant Award: $50,000

21TSAF- John Paul the Great- 2021.tif

John Paul the Great Catholic University

Organization Description: Founded in 2003 JPCatholic “is a unique Christ-centered creative community of artists and innovators centered on a common mission to Impact Culture for Christ.” The university seeks to create culture by bringing together storytellers, artists, designers, leaders, and entrepreneurs in the pursuit of Truth, Beauty, and Goodness. 


Project Supported: Retreat Support- Funds used to underwrite the student costs of four spiritual retreats offered under the leadership of the Campus Ministry Team. The retreats, with Mass, Reconciliation, and Adoration, include guest speakers that inspire the spiritual and personal growth of the students and deepen their relationship with Christ.


Augustinian Endorser: Fr. Sarfraz Alam, O.S.A.


Grant Award: $20,000

21TSAF- Mercy Beyond Borders- 2021.jpg

Mercy Beyond Borders

Organization Description: Mercy Beyond Borders (“MBB”) was founded in 2008 to “forge ways for women and girls in extreme poverty to learn, connect, and lead” in countries such as South Sudan, Uganda, Haiti, and Kenya.


Project Supported: “STEM” Education for South Sudanese Women- Assistance for scholarships supporting the STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) education of 8 South Sudanese women at Masinde Muliro University in Kakamega, Kenya. They are among 27 MBB scholars currently pursuing majors such as bio-tech, medicine, and computer science.


Augustinian Endorser: Fr. Greg Heidenblut, O.S.A.


Grant Award: $24,000

21TSAF- Mission of Our Lady of the Angels- 2021.jpg

Mission of Our Lady of the Angels

Organization Description: Founded in 2005, the Mission of Our Lady of the Angels was established to provide a Catholic presence and to care for the poor on the Westside of Chicago.  The Mission provides “material and spiritual support for those most in need.”


Project Supported: Outreach/Retreat Center Kitchen- Completion of an industrial kitchen that is fully up to code, implements the latest hygiene practices, and has the capacity to efficiently cook, safely store, and serve meals to a large number of guests who utilize the services of the Mission.


Augustinian Endorser: Fr. Max Villeneuve, O.S.A.


Grant Award: $21,761

21TSAF- Nazareth House- 2021.jpg

Nazareth House San Diego

Organization Description: Nazareth House is a non-profit religious corporation located in San Diego, California and operated by the Congregation of the Sisters of Nazareth since 1951. Nazareth House provides independent and residential care living options, as well as a care center, for the elderly.


Updated Audio Visual System for the Community- Assistance for the creation of a multipurpose indoor/outdoor community gathering space complemented by an up to date audio/visual system for both the gathering space and Chapel.


Augustinian Endorser: Fr. Gary Sanders, O.S.A.


Grant Award: $47,000

21TSAF- Order of Malta- 2021.jpg

Order of Malta Clinic of Northern California

Organization Description: The Sovereign Order of Malta is one of the oldest institutions of Western and Christian civilization. A lay religious order of the Catholic Church since 1133 the Order has diplomatic relations with over 100 states and the European Union, and permanent observer status at the United Nations. The Order is active in 120 countries caring for people in need through its medical, social, and humanitarian works.


Project Supported: A Triad of Care for Uninsured Residents of Northern California- Funds to support three approaches to providing medical care and treatment to the sick, poor, and uninsured in Northern California through in-person clinic appointments, telemedicine appointments, and mobile clinic appointments.


Augustinian Endorser: Fr. Greg Heidenblut, O.S.A.


Grant Award: $50,000

21TSAF- Our Lady's School- 2021.jpg

Our Lady’s School (“OLS”)

Organization Description: Established in 1912, Our Lady’s School (a combination of Our Lady of Guadalupe and Our Lady of Angels elementary schools) is the oldest Catholic elementary school in San Diego County. Principally Hispanic, the school strives to provide a high-quality Catholic education that prepares students for lives of service and leadership.


Project Supported: Middle School Math and Science- The purchase of Science and Math curriculums for grades K-8 that prepare students to meet the standards imposed by the University of California. The goal is to ensure that OLS students are consistently placed in competitive, college preparatory math and science classes upon entry to high school.


Augustinian Endorser: Fr. Gary Sanders, O.S.A.


Grant Award: $53,508

21TSAF- Our Mother of Good Counsel- 2020 B.jpeg

Our Mother of Good Counsel School

Organization Description: An Augustinian co-educational elementary school in Los Angeles, founded in 1933, offering classes from Transitional Kindergarten through 8th grade with a strong emphasis on Christian and Augustinian values.

Project Supported: Tuition Assistance- Tuition Assistance for those students of Our Mother of Good Counsel school whose families have been economically affected by the lingering effects of COVID-19.


Augustinian Endorser: Fr. Alvin Paligutan, O.S.A.


Grant Award: $20,000


Prelature of Chuquibambilla, Peru

Organization Description: The Augustinians of the Vicariate of San Juan de Sahagun de Chuluncanas, of which Chuquibambilla is a part, are a group of 25 Peruvian and 3 American Friars. They operate under the auspices of the Augustinians of the Midwest.


Project Supported: Scholarships for University Studies- Funds to help support economically disadvantaged, but accomplished students,from the Prelature of Chuquibambill for 5 years in their pursuit of a University degree.

Augustinian Endorser: Fr. John Lydon, O.S.A.


Grant Award: $47,000

21TSAF- Province of St. Augustine of Nigeria- 2022.jpg

Province of St. Augustine of Nigeria

Organization Description: The Augustinians have been in Nigeria since 1938, and in 1977 was made a Vice-Province of the Order of St. Augustine. Today the province consists of 23 separate communities with 123 solemnly professed and ordained brothers.


Project Supported: Relocation of Augustinian House of Theology- To help fund the relocation of “the Monastery-the Mother House of all Augustinians in Nigeria” from Jos, Plateau State to Makurdi, Benue State.  The move has been necessitated by  ever increasing security issues in Jos caused by Muslim extremists. 


Augustinian Endorser: Fr. Joe Farrell, O.S.A.


Grant Award: $200,000

21TSAF- Sacred Heart High School- 2021.jpg

Sacred Heart High School

Organization Description: Sacred Heart, one of the first Catholic girls’ high school in the archdiocese of Los Angeles, was founded in 1907 by the Dominican Sisters of Mission San Jose. Located in one of the poorer areas of Los Angeles, the school provides a Catholic, college preparatory curriculum in the “Dominican Tradition that embraces, empowers, and inspires young women to live in faith, truth, and service.”


Project Supported: Campus Ministry- To help offset expenses (facility rental, transportation, training costs) associated with Sacred Heart’s annual Kairos (“a time with God”) retreat.


Augustinian Endorser: Fr. Mark Menegatti, O.S.A.


Grant Award: $20,000

21TSAF- Siloam Wellness0 2021.jpg

Siloam Wellness

Organization Description: Siloam Wellness, since 1995, has been providing programs, services, and support to an aging, low-income HIV/AIDS population in the Philadelphia area.


Project Supported: Resourcing Siloam’s Food for Health- To help offset the increased costs of operating Siloam’s Food Pantry program exacerbated by the issues of COVID-19. 


Augustinian Endorser: Br. Bob Thornton, O.S.A.


Grant Award: $16,800

21TSAF- St. Katharine Drexel- 2021.jpg

St. Katharine Drexel Academy (“SKDA”)

Organization Description: St. Katharine Drexel Academy was founded in 2018, following the merger of Blessed Sacrament and Our Lady of the Sacred Heart parish schools of the Diocese of San Diego. SKDA’s mission is “to help students develop caring hearts and open minds to reach their full potential as innovative learners and servant leaders, within a Christ-centered, diverse Catholic community.”


Project Supported: Funding of One Jesuit Volunteer Corp Member- The Jesuit volunteer assists the school community as the primary physical education teacher, in addition to assisting with student retreats, and as an aide in the classroom.


Augustinian Endorser: Fr. John Keller, O.S.A.


Grant Award: $60,000 over 3 years

21TSAF- St. Patrick School- 2021.PNG

St. Patrick School

Organization Description: Augustinian elementary school in San Diego California serving a vibrant, diverse socio-economic community. St. Pat’s has been a fixture in the North Park community of San Diego since 1944. Its mission is to provide a “quality Catholic elementary education, calling upon the teachings and traditions of the Augustinian order, to develop children steeped in the values of truth, community and love.”


Project Supported: Auditorium/Theatre Renovation and Drama Program- Grant used to renovate and rehab St. Patrick School’s auditorium and stage in order to support an after school Drama Program.  Supports St. Pat’s goals to continue to add new and transformative learning opportunities, and to offer a well-rounded curriculum for students. 


Augustinian Endorser: Fr. Carlos Medina, O.S.A.


Grant Award: $50,000


St. Thomas Aquinas Parish

Organization Description: Augustinian parish in Ojai, California since 1926 whose mission is to “live the Gospel life in prayer, sacrament, liturgy, teaching, evangelization and stewardship in the Catholic tradition.”


Project Supported: Local Area Wifi Network for Parish Campus- To help the installation of a “state of the art, campus wide local area network to provide high speed internet access” to the entire parish grounds.


Augustinian Endorser: Fr. Kirk Davis, O.S.A.


Grant Award: $40,000

21TSAF- Turning Point- 2021.jpg

Turning Point Pregnancy Resource Center (“TPRRC”)

Organization Description: A faith based, non-profit, pro-life medical clinic founded by a woman, for women. TPRRC’s mission is to provide hope, help, and healing to women (and men) facing a crisis pregnancy and to offer alternatives to abortion.  Services are offered at no cost.


Project Supported: Mobile Medical Unit- To help fund a mobile medical unit that is essentially a “pregnancy medical clinic on wheels” with a medical exam room and ultrasound machine.


Augustinian Endorser: Fr. Greg Heidenblut, O.S.A.


Grant Award: $20,000

21TSAF- Villanova Prep- Fr. Glynn- 2021.png

Villanova Preparatory School

Organization Description: Augustinian high school established in 1924 in the Ojai Valley of California which today is the only coeducational Catholic college preparatory and International Baccalaureate World school in the western United States. Its mission is “to graduate mature young adults of diverse backgrounds who reflect the qualities of truth, unity, and love”.


Project Supported: Fr. Glynn Endowed Scholarship- Opportunity to increase the scholarship fund named for Fr. John Glynn, O.S.A. which is “designed to assist qualified Catholic students in the community with the opportunity to attend Villanova Prep.” Fr. Glynn was a much beloved teacher, chaplain, and Headmaster at Villanova Prep for many years.


Augustinian Endorser: Fr. John Keller, O.S.A.


Grant Award: $100,000

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